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I just finished up a new short story, tentatively titled A leitmotif for Japanese robotics. I’m considering the removal of that intrusive indefinite article at the head of it, though the capitalized l might look even worse.

Fair warning: it’s SF and blatantly based off anime tropes, with what I hope is at least some deconstruction and/or inversions.

A sample:

“Yes, it could have been worse.” That’s what Lushan heard the pilot under his stead say. Lushan had ducked back into the hangar to get a pair of canned coffees from the dispensers lined up along the far wall. When he left the stark halogen aura of the interior, the pilot was still sitting where he had lay down after dismounting the Indira—on the farthest edge of cracked tarmac, facing out toward the brackish black squares of Tokyo Bay still not eaten by the reclamation rush.

The hangar was a fixture on the far eastern end a swath of reclaimed land 250 meters broad and 1,000 meters long. A quilt of tarmac, as ubiquitous a symbol of the reclaimed zones as any, patched over the entire surface area. What was once a well-fortified JSDF air field/staging area was now a semi-abandoned plot of Metro Police property. Captain Tajima, a TMP scion, had pulled on some strings to rent the place out for Detachment 3. Perhaps a third of the runway-side lights still produced a flickering maroon glow over the grass and tar. The TMP placard hung at a crooked angle over the maw of the hangar.

“The rest of the family could have been in there too, Khan,” said Lushan, handing one of the coffees to Machine 1’s operator.

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