On Tuesday May 08th I was using my 8GB Matsunichi USB thumb drive in the Journalism building’s computer lab (predominantly furnished with new Macs) to transfer files for J163 (New Media in Journalism). Having finished what I needed to do, I tugged it out of the rear-mount USB port on the Mac.  I didn’t think a thing of it, the thing has shown itself to be very hot-swappable on my eMachines PC laptop.  It seems the OS X ritual of dragging and dropping the icon for the removable drive to the trash before ejecting it bears more than ritual significance– when I removed it, a message immediately popped on-screen going off about “device was disconnected improperly, file damage may have occurred.”

When I wanted to double-check on something later on, none of the computers in the lab would detect the thing, though the green LED light continued to flash whenever I slotted into one.  Today, checking it on my laptop and looking up the technical support on Matsunichi’s site more or less confirms that the thing is fried and “requires replacement.”  Thank you, Apple.