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What are they?

Skype service to survive SJSU security stir-up, Spartans celebrate, Sloan says.

I never used the bloody thing, but I support its use by others on campus, kind of like uppers. Mind you, I say this as I run uTorrent in my taskbar (I live on campus). My roommate couldn’t be happier, he refuses to even use any other form of IM anymore.

Also, I don’t normally make reference to header images in each post, but this one just beggars for clarification:


Oil rigs set out on the inland sea

A torrent of soymilk and mucus matter

The dredge jobs loot rockoil

The tankers take petrol

All across the inland sea

A torrent of Starcraft SCVs

Oh political song

Left-wing sing-a-long

Errant vocab

Burnt-out thesaurus

Editor’s razor where the chapters are porous

A PR rep’s desk’s awash with these things

As she smiles and scrubs off the pelican’s wings

Oh jingle songs

Consumer brain baton

A third verse’s superfluous

The meaning is lost

The songwriter’s personal holocaust

Three minutes acheived at coherence’s cost-


Oh clever song

Postmodern marathon