In recent news, I no longerhave to post little italicized post scriptums on the end of every post because now I have a account that comes free with a little updating .gif of all my “top artists” that comes in convenient widget-size.

Staying in step with the theme of self-imposed Orwellian eFutures, I also had a grungy post-hippie from the Nevadan desert finally explain to me what is. And no, i’m not about to explain Internet 2.0 esoterica here. All I can say is that that widget on the right of this post is damn nice.

I will be leaving for the People’s Republic of China on August 4th. I will be taking photos (whether or not I ever get around to getting a memory card for my camera) and hopefully posting them IN REAL-INTERNET 2.0-TIME from wherever I can sleeze an internet connection. The plan is to upload them into my Google Pages account (which has become my glorified image dump anyways) then pipe them out to the vast reaches of the cyberspace using this weblog. We’ll see whether Google and/or WordPress are blocked by the Politburo as capitalist propaganda. I’d imagine they’d get along with Google like a house on fire now, right?