Content soon!

Also, this guy showed up in my serious freaggin' journalism class on Wednesday. The same class I wrote a magnanimous blog entry for, which I now notice has one of the most awesome comment-bot spams i've ever seen. Seriously.

Anyways, that guy (nice guy too!) said that if we namedrop him or SJSU in our blogs, he'll invariably end up returning the favor. Well, hop to it!

Everyone needs a pocket copy of the I Ching. It says more in five lines than the Bible does in five books. Taoism is just lazy and complacent enough for it to speak to me.

Let's see… stuff. Tomorrow I get to take that test that I was supposed to have taken two and a half semesters ago to be able to take upper div courses (the reason why i'm taking BS courses this semester). I haven't studied much at all, much less have an idea what the test actually is. So business as usual in other words.