Lesser Evening in Lihanpithioun, baroque coast ranges metropolis of the Old Easterlies, is a man-led cacophony that reverberates off the plastered and sloped walls of the Fishery- Commerce Aqua district, up over the cobblestones towards the perfume-draped verandas of the Harlots’ Bedsit, all the way to the condemned odeons on the outskirts of Old Acdemysus.

            In the rheumy purple of a Laborsworth circumferal, the only stretches of urban free of human rumblings and the aural high tide were the Peliyan Gardens and Filial Heights on the slopes of Mallardback Hill- prowling grounds of the oligarchs and their entourages. 

            Erzsomi Pdelos Amidr waded against the tide of tight-wound sailors flowing from the archaic naos and caravels (as old as Liha herself) docked at the ‘Imperial’ Harbor.

            The Pithiounis Mercantile-maintained blocks of Commerce Aqua were given their scheduled beating under a legion’s worth of salt-caked sailing clogs, boots, and stompers.  Seahounds, wind-winders, rudderjacks, and their deck thrall all bled like syrup from a vein, down into the narrow runnels leading to the Harlots’ Bedsit.