Last night the WYSIGSIGISIGNGSI control panel for writing posts exploded and I, for the life of me, could not access the html shell to do, well, anything. :sadfaces:

Rands Pantalones of a certain situationist comic-fame wrote about that cybersubstance of controlled cybersubstances, World of Whorecraft, on his weblog. That’s one weblog I wouldn’t mind having pseudoplatonic psychic sex with.

I shouldn’t log onto IRC right now, I really shouldn’t. I already skipped psych today to dick off and put stickers all over the p-bass.

I’ve got to prepare an in-detail presentation on some site called the Drudge Report. Oh you’ve heard of it? I had a choice between researching Drudge or the Official Santa Clara County website and I went with Drudge on the grounds that it looked about thirty times more hilarious than the S.C. County site.

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