Current listens:

Juan Atkins – The Berlin Sessions

Five unnamed, ultra-long session tracks from one of the dudes who more or less invented house music after listening to a bunch of Kraftwerk and playing with synthesizers.

To be honest, i’ve only listened to the first track, and it didn’t exactly catch my fancy. It’s later-era house, a bit too repetitve on the pattern swapping and devoid of that Brite Piano plinking that I love. I’ll give it a fair listen (some day).

Fila Brazillia – Dicks

Acid-jazz postfunk triphop remixcore outtake album. Pretty fantastic bunch of roughcuts, though for a philistine such as me, it’s really quite hard to tell that it’s anything but a long, 23-song extended album.

The range of tastes stretches from electrified neo-folk that could almost pass for Doves on E (“Kiss My Whippet”), to break-tastic triphop/jazzfunk hybrids that I want playing in my swingin’ fusion-age bachelor’s pad (“Sidearms and Parsnips”).

Bonus points for one of the best album covers since Factory Records was in business.

Pet Shop Boys – Behavior

One of the best chill-out albums money or bandwidth can buy. Quite possibly the Boys’ slickest (and best) full-length to date.

It’s a damn nice, tightly-arranged progression from the extended and intense detachedness of Introspective (PSB’s Mezzanine). Though the analogy is already getting to be something of a cliche, Behavior is great after-party, post-clubbing music to wind down to with some gentler alchy or sedatives.